Returning Parts

For a video overview of returning parts, watch the video below. (This video was recorded using R.O. Writer 1.31.)

Returning Parts from an Open Ticket

When a part is purchased and posted to the repair order through Accounts Payable and that part needs to be returned to the supplier for any reason, open the part from the repair order. Then, check the Returned box and select a reason for return.

The Editing Parts window with the Returns section circled.

The part will remain on the repair order but will not print on the repair order or charge the customer. When the ticket is finalized, it will show on the Parts Returned report located in the Inventory module under Reports and be placed into the Part Returns feature in Inventory.

The part labeled as returned in the jobs section of the parts/labor tab.

Processing a Return on an Open Ticket

Processing a return puts the part in the parts return function in the Inventory module.

Click the Process button in the Returned section. The part is placed into the Part Returns feature in inventory before the repair order is finalized.

The Process button circled on the Editing Part window.

The part remains on the ticket marked returned and all fields are disabled on the Editing Part window - except for the Recall button. You can click the Recall button to cancel the return and remove the part from the Part Returns feature.

The Recall button circled on the Editing Part window.

If the part has already been marked as returned or posted back to inventory, you will receive a prompt that the core is not available for recall because it has already been returned.

Reviewing and Processing Part Returns in the Inventory Module

To view parts marked as returned and mark them as sent and process credits, open the Inventory module and click the Parts Return button in the toolbar. The Part Returns List opens.

The Part Returns List with all suppliers selected.

A specific supplier must be selected before processing parts using the dropdown list at the top.

The Part Returns List with one supplier selected

When you select a specific supplier, only parts marked returned for that supplier will display. You can check the Select All box to select all parts or double-click on a part to select it. Parts selected are indicated with a green checkmark in the first column.

When you have selected the parts, you can print a receipt by clicking the Print Receipt button.

Before using the Post to Inventory feature, you may want to set up an adjustment reason. For more information, click the following link: Inventory Adjustment Descriptions.

You can post the part to inventory if it’s being placed on your shelf by clicking the Post to Inventory button. You are prompted that you are about to adjust the on-hand and asked if you want to continue. Click Yes.

Select an adjustment reason using the dropdown list and click OK.

A reason selected on the Parts Adjustment Reason window.

If the part number does not exist in inventory, it will be added to your inventory as a stock part and the on-hand will be increased by the quantity returned. If the part number already exists in your inventory, the on-hand will be increased.

You can mark selected parts as returned when they are shipped back to the supplier by clicking the Process button. You are prompted to print a return receipt.

The print return receipt prompt.

If you chose to print a parts return receipt, you are prompted to choose the Printing options. The receipt prints.

The parts return receipt.

You are then prompted to process a credit invoice in Accounts Payable.

The process credit prompt.

The Post Accounts Payable Invoice window for the credit.

Click the Post button. The credit is posted to credit.

You are prompted to print an invoice. The AP invoice shows a negative about in parenthesis to indicate the amount that was credited.

An AP invoice for a returned part.

When the credit is posted, the part is removed from the Parts Return.

To print a report showing your returned parts, see Parts Returned Report.