Post AP

The Post AP button The post to AP button in the main toolbar. appears in the main toolbar only if enabled in Configuration.

Click Configuration > File > General Options > Post AP Invoice > either Post in Detail or Post in Summary.

The Post AP options on the General Options window.

When you click the Post AP button in the main toolbar of R.O. Writer,

TIP: Even though these windows can be opened from tickets, no information from those tickets transfers to these windows. You have to search for and enter all information about the ticket manually.

Configuring Suppliers to Post to AP Automatically

You can also configure configure the supplier interface to post purchase orders to Accounts Payable as part of the ordering process. .

Complete these steps:

  1. Click Configuration menu > Parts > Suppliers and select the supplier.
  2. Select the Electronic Ordering Interface and click Edit.
  3. Check Post to Accounts Payable (Optional).
  4. Click OK to save.
  5. The next time you post a purchase order, you will be prompted to post to Accounts Payable automatically.