Invoice Number When Posting to Accounts Payable

When posting completed orders to Accounts Payable from the Order Status window, the Invoice Number field can be edited. In previous versions of R.O. Writer, the Invoice Number field contained the invoice number assigned by the OE Connect RepairLink and could not be changed.

The Post Accounts Payable Invoice window with the Invoice Number field inactive.

Sometimes the OEC dealer assigns a different invoice number from the OEC Order number.

When posting a completed order to Accounts Payable, the Invoice Number field contains the OEC Order # by default. However, if the OEC dealer number is different than the OEC Order #, you can type in the invoice number from the OEC dealer. Transactions should be posted to the invoice number from the OEC dealer.

The OEC Order # entered in an active Invoice Number field.

To better distinguish the order number and the invoice number from OEC dealers, R.O. Writer has also

For more information, click the following link: OEC Order Number and Invoice Number on the Edit Parts Window .