Configuring the Coverage File Download for Suppliers

Coverage files are downloaded in Smart eCat. You need to choose how the coverage file should be downloaded for each supplier on the Suppliers window (Configuration menu > Parts > Suppliers > Set Coverage File Download Options button).

The new supplier coverage download settings.

If the Set Coverage File Download Options button active and clicked, a popup window appears with two options: Automatic or Manual.

Automatic and Manual

The following table describes the Automatic and Manual settings.



Automatic (default)

This setting is for the suppliers that download an MCL file.

An MCL file downloads

R.O. Writer deletes the old file and replaces it with the new file.

Automatic is selected by default for suppliers that download coverage files.


This setting is for suppliers that need to manually create an MCL file and import it into Smart eCat.

No file downloads automatically but can be downloaded manually in Smart eCat > Update Coverages.

The Automatic and Manual settings are available for the following suppliers:

Set Coverage File Download Disabled for Specific Suppliers

The Set Coverage File Download Options button is disabled for the following suppliers:

The Suppliers window with the Set Coverage button disabled for ACDelco.


Coverage downloads are not available for Autoi suppliers. The coverage must be manually created and/or imported. When MCL files are imported for Autoi, the old file is deleted and replaced.


Transtar does not use MCL files.


You configure the NAPA coverage update in the Part Expert Data Utility installed with Epicor. Then, NAPA's coverage is updated when Epicor is updated.

Nexpart and ACDelco Connect

Nexpart and ACDelco Connect download coverage files

When Nexpart and ACDelco Connect download MCL files, R.O. Writer deletes the old file and tries to download the MCL file.

Checking the Last Coverage Update

If you want to know the last time coverages were updated, check Catalog Options.

Click Configuration menu > Repair Order > Catalog Options > click the Show Servers & Coverages button. The Epicor Catalog Information window opens displaying the date of the current catalog date.

The Epicor Catalog Information window.