Alliance Catalogs

You can order parts and labor from the Alliance catalogs of Bumper to Bumper or Auto Value. Both catalogs are referred to as "My Place 4 Parts" in R.O. Writer.

To use these catalogs in Smart eCat, they must be properly configured as a

Searching and Posting Parts from Alliance Catalogs in Smart eCat

Complete these steps:

  1. Click My Place for Parts in the Quick Launch or Smart eCat toolbar The My Place 4 Parts icon..
  2. Smart eCat opens displaying the Alliance catalog on the Catalog tab.
  3. Select the Category, Group, and Part Types. You can also search by part number or part type.
  4. When all have been selected, click Go.

    the Category, Group, and Part Types selected on the alliance catalog window.

  5. Click the Shopping Cart button to add parts to the cart.

    The shopping cart button column circled on the alliance window.

  6. Click the Checkout button to view the shopping cart.

    The checkout buttons circled on the alliance window.

  7. Click the Transfer button to add the parts to the Posted Parts and Labor tab in Smart eCat.

Switching Between Alliance Catalogs

If you configure ordering interfaces for both Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper, you can switch between the catalogs in Smart eCat.

When you click the My Place 4 Parts button The My Place 4 Parts icon in the Quick Launch., Smart eCat opens to the Catalog tab. A new Suppliers dropdown list appears above the Catalog screen. The dropdown list contains the Alliance catalogs that have the following configured:

The Suppliers dropdown list allows you to switch between Alliance catalogs.

The Suppliers dropdown list showing the alliance catalogs.

The Catalog tab refreshes to display the selected catalog every time you switch.