Reasons for Replacement

Configuration menu > Parts > Reasons for Replacement

the Reasons for Part Replacement window

You can track the reasons for part replacement and create your own list of replacement reasons here.

Adding a Replacement Reason

Complete these steps:

  1. On the Reasons for Part Replacement window, click the Add button.
  2. Enter a Reason Code. You can enter up to three characters.
  3. Enter the Reason name.
  4. Click Save.

the Reasons for Part Replacement window with a saved reason.

  1. When the information has been saved, click the Cancel button to exit.

On Estimates and Repair Orders

When replacing a part on a ticket, a Why Replaced dropdown list appears on the Edit Parts window that contains the values entered here.

You can make part replacement a required field in Configuration menu > Repair Order > Required Entries > Parts section > Warn If No Reason for Replacement option.