Linking Parts

There are some situations where you add two parts at the same time. For example, you always want an oil additive part added whenever a certain motor oil is added. You can do this by linking both parts in inventory.

Linking Parts

Complete these steps:

  1. On the Inventory window for the first part, search for and select the part.
  2. Click the Other Information tab.
  3. Type all or a portion of the part number you want to link into the Linked Part Number field and press the ENTER key to search inventory. The Parts List shows matching parts.

    The parts list window over the inventory window.

  4. Double-click on the part number to select it and click OK.

    • The part from the Parts List is now linked to the current part.
    • The part number appears in the Linked Part Number field.
    • If there is a line code for the linked part, the line code appears in the Linked Line Code field.

    The Linked Part Number and Linked Line Code fields circled.

  5. The next time you add the part to a ticket, the linked part is also added.

    The linked parts added to the jobs section of the parts/labor tab.