Posting Purchase Orders

You need to receive the parts before you can post the purchase order.

Verifying the Part

To receive a part, you first have to open the part on the purchase order so that you can verify what was ordered compared to what was delivered.

To Verify the Part

Complete these steps:

  1. Click the P.O. Mgmt toolbar button the P.O. Mgmt icon in the Inventory toolbar.. A list of all purchase orders displays. The Purchase Order Management window showing the Purchase Orders tab.

  2. Select the appropriate purchase order from the list and click the Posting tab. A list of the parts on the purchase order displays.

    the Posting Tab.

  3. Double-click on parts to open them and verify.

Receiving Parts on the Posting Tab

On the Posting tab,

To Correct Part Information Before Receiving

To correct any information about individual parts, do one of the following:

NOTE: You can use this method to receive all parts, however, it is more time-consuming.

To Adjust the Cost of the Received Part

The cost of the parts defaults to the last purchase price. The new cost may be changed to the average cost by double-clicking the part to open it. The Receive Part window opens.

The Receive Part window.

Click the double arrow button (>>) to use the average cost for the New Cost or enter it manually.

Posting Parts to Inventory

When all corrections have been made and the list is ready, the purchase order items must be posted to Inventory, which updates the inventory records with the quantity and cost of the parts received.

Complete these steps:

Click the Post toolbar button. You are prompted to confirm that you want to post this purchase order. Click Yes.

If the Prompt to Change Primary Suppliers When Posting P.O. option is checked in the PO Transfer and Other Parts Options Configuration setting, you are prompted to see if you want to make the new supplier the primary vendor (in Inventory) of the parts being received.

The change primary supplier prompt.

The new supplier moved to 2nd on the General Information tab of the part record in Inventory.

The final step is to print a purchase order receipt.

A purchase order receipt.

If a part is posted when the quantity received is less than the quantity ordered, the purchase order remains open and displays the part's un-received quantity. You can

If a part received on a purchase order has no record in Inventory, a message appears notifying you that the part number is not on file.

The part number not on file prompt.

The purchase order with that part remains open. To complete the purchase order, you can

Post To AP

There is also an option to create an Accounts Payable transaction. If selected, this posts the transaction by summary.