Converting Repair Orders to Estimates

R.O. Writer includes a conversion wizard for ticket conversions. The conversion wizard guides you through the conversion process and allows you to

Conversion Wizard

The conversion wizard can be turned on and off in Configuration.

To Convert a Repair Order to an Estimate

In the job-based view, you select the labor and it converts the parts associated with the labor automatically.

Completed advanced payments remain on the repair order regardless of your selections in the conversion wizard. If all jobs are converted to an estimate, the repair order remains open as long as there is an advance payment on it.

Complete these steps:

  1. On an open repair order, click the Convert button in the ticket toolbar. The conversion wizard opens displaying the list of jobs on the current ticket.
  2. All items are selected to convert by default. A green checkmark appears in the Convert column.

    The Convert Repair Order to Estimate window.

  3. In the Convert column, click on the green checkmark of items you do not want to convert.
    • The green checkmark is replaced by a red X.
    • A green checkmark appears in the Keep Copy column. The job will remain on the original estimate. Click the green checkmark in the Keep Copy column to not keep a copy on the estimate.
  4. Click Next.
  5. The Destination window appears displaying all open estimates.

    The Convert window with create new selected.

  6. There are two options on this window:
  7. Click Next.
  8. Depending on your selections:
    • The new estimate is created with the converted items and opens.
    • The selected items are transferred to the selected estimate, which opens displaying all items (including the items just transferred).

Declined Items

If Keep Declined Items on RO/Est in Convert Wizard is checked in Configuration, Keep Copy on Est is checked automatically for declined items.

A declined item with Keep Copy checked automatically on the covert window.

Non-Job-Based View

If the job-based view is not selected, labor and parts are listed separately and therefore need to be selected separately.

The convert window as it appears in the non-job-based view.