Ordering Parts in Smart eOrder from P.O. Management

You can click the Smart eOrder button in the PO Management toolbar to order parts.

TIP! If you are not posting to inventory, it is easier to open Smart eOrder from the Quick Launch in the main module.

Complete these steps:

  1. Click the Smart eOrder The Smart eOrder toolbar button. button in the toolbar.
  2. Smart eOrder opens and queries your online suppliers for the parts on the Parts tab automatically.
  3. When the search is complete, the results display on the Smart eOrder window.

The Smart eOrder window showing that parts were found in the carquest catalog.

  1. Click the Truck button to order the parts.
  2. If the supplier is configured to post to Accounts Payable, you will be prompted to post the invoice.
  3. When the parts are received, you can click the Posting tab to post the parts to your inventory.

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To Edit Parts in Smart eOrder

To edit a part, double-click it in the list. You can edit the following:

When the information has been modified, click the OK button.