Print Preview Window

The Print Preview window opens whenever you print a document, report, or any printable item to the screen.

The title bar and toolbars of the Print Preview window.

NOTE: The drilldown toolbar appears only for reports that allow you to drill down into the data.

The Print Preview window provides you with tools to

Print Preview Toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the Print Preview window contains many options you can use to work with the document on the screen.

The Print Preview toolbar.

Export Button

Click the Export button The export button on the Print Preview toolbar. to export the document to Excel, PDF, .CSV, or .XML. Anything in the print preview window can be exported to these formats.

Print Button

Click the Print button The print button on the Print Preview toolbar. to print the document to a physical printer. You select the printer manually.

Refresh Button

Click the Refresh button The refresh button on the Print Preview toolbar. to refresh the data on the screen. The ticket re-compiles and appears on the print preview window.

Copy Button

Click the Copy button The copy button on the Print Preview toolbar. to copy one line of text you have selected. Click a line in the document to select it and then click this button to copy the text.

You can select only one line of text at a time. If you want to copy multiple lines of text, press and hold the CTRL button while you click on lines of text.

Navigation Buttons

The navigation area contains a series of arrow buttons and page counter The page navigation buttons and fields on the Print Preview toolbar.. Click the arrow buttons to navigate through long documents.

Find Button

Click the Find button The export button on the Print Preview toolbar. to search the document for specific words, numbers, or characters.

The Find Text window.

Click the Find Next button. The found text is highlighted and the screen jumps to the text’s location.

Zoom Button

Click the zoom button to make the content on the screen bigger or smaller.

The zoom dropdown menu showing all the zoom levels.

NOTE: The appearance of content on the Print Preview window does not affect the appearance of printed documents. Documents always print as they are formatted to print, which is based on the report type or the form type associated with the document.

Drilldown Toolbar

The tab toolbar appears just under the main toolbar. Certain reports allow you to drill down by double-clicking on report information.

For example, in the Sales by Category report, double-click on a Category to see data for only that category. The drilldown report shows all technicians who performed that job. Then, you can double-click on a technician to see each one of those jobs on another drilldown report.

This toolbar tracks each drill down level by adding a tab for each.

Tabs in the drilldown toolbar on the print preview window for reports where you can drilldown.

Every time you drill down, another tab is added to this toolbar. You can click each tab to move through the drilldown reports.

To close all tabs except the Main Report tab, click Refresh The refresh button on the Print Preview toolbar..

Working with the Group Tree Column

The Print Preview window opens displaying a column on the left by default. This column is called the "Group Tree" and displays all headings in the document. This is very useful for large reports but may not be needed for one-page documents.

Click the Toggle Group Tree toolbar button below to make the column disappear and appear.

A report in the print preview window with the Toggle Group Tree window circled in the toolbar.

For most reports, this column is blank; however, when a report is long with many categories and many pages, the tree viewer often shows those categories so that you can navigate through long reports easily.

To Navigate Long Reports with the Tree Viewer

List reports are often long because they contain a list of every item in the selected category. For List reports, the Tree Viewer contains bookmarks. Click bookmarks to navigate to that part of the list.

Clicking the bookmarks in the tree viewer on a list report.

To Drill Down in the Tree Viewer

The Tree Viewer also works with reports where you can drill down to more details.

Clicking through a drilldown report with the result showing in the tree viewer.

To Close and Open the Tree Viewer

Click the Tree Viewer button in the toolbar to close and open the Tree Viewer.

Closing and opening the tree viewer on a list report.