Printing to the Screen (Print Preview)

Printing to the screen opens the printed version of the document or report in a print preview window. You can review what the document or report will look like in printed form before you print it.

Printing to the Screen

When you want to see a document such as a ticket, a receipt, or a report on the screen first, you still need to print the document - just select Screen as the output.

Complete these steps:

  1. Click the Print button or button in the R.O. Writer module.
    • If you are printing a report, the report compiles until the report is ready to print.
  2. The Output Selection window appears with the Printer tab showing.
  3. Click the Screen tab.

    The Screen tab on the Output Selection window.

  4. Review the Options section:
    • The No Shading on Reports checkbox is checked by default.
    • Uncheck this box only if you are printing a report and want shading on every other row.
    • This checkbox applies only to reports and has no impact on other documents.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The Print Preview Window appears displaying the document.

NOTE: The Print Preview window opens with a column on the left displaying by default. This column is called the "Tree Viewer" and displays all headings in the document. This is very useful for large reports but may not be needed for one-page documents. For more information about the Tree Viewer, click the following link: Working with the Group Tree in the Left Column.

Print Reports to the Screen

When printing reports, the print preview window enables you to work with the data and export the data to multiple formats.

For more information, click the following link: Printing Reports.