Printing Reports

When you click the Print button on a reports window, R.O. Writer begins compiling data based on the selected report and criteria. When the report has finished compiling, the standard printing window opens.

The following table describes the available outputs.


Link for Details

Printer (default)

Printing to a Physical Printer


Printing to the Screen (Print Preview) - The Print Preview window opens.


Printing to PDF

Email (if available)

Printing to Email

You cannot print to email unless email is configured properly for

NOTE: The date that prints on reports is always today's date.

Shop Header

The shop header from your software license prints at the top of all documents automatically. You can add a custom advertising line to the shop header in General Options (Configuration > File menu > General Options > Use Custom Advertising Line).

The information in your shop header appears on the Setup Stores window in Data Locations (Configuration > File menu > Data Locations > Setup Stores button).

NOTE: If you need to change your shop header, please contact the R.O. Writer Sales team to update your license.

Shading on Each Row

When printing reports, R.O. Writer provides the option to shade on every other row of the report. Alternate shading makes it easier to distinguish rows from each other.

NOTE: While shading can make printed reports easier to read in person, shading can also make reports harder to read when faxed or scanned. Shading also uses more printer ink when physically printed.

Report Sample With Shading

A report sample with shading.

Report Sample With No Shading

A report sample without shading.

To Set the Default Shading for Printed Reports

You set the default shading in the R.O. Options Configuration setting (Configuration menu > Repair Order > R.O. Options > Miscellaneous section > No Shading on Reports.

To Set the Shading on Individual Printed Reports

You can check or uncheck No Shading on Report on any of the output tab windows before you click OK to print the report.