Selecting a Vehicle for Searches

Part and labor searches in Smart eCat are based on the vehicle. Therefore, Smart eCat must be able to identify the vehicle.

When you open Smart eCat from an open ticket, the vehicle information from the ticket passes to Smart eCat automatically.

The Epicor vehicle information always appears at the very bottom of the Smart eCat window.

Epicor vehicle information circled at the very bottom of the window.

To Select a Vehicle

You need to select a vehicle when you first open Smart eCat if:

Complete these steps:

  1. Click the Smart eCat button in the Quick Launch Smart eCat button in the Quick Launch to open Smart eCat.
  2. If the Vehicle Selection columns appear, that means that Smart eCat cannot find a vehicle. You need to select the Year, Make, Model, and Engine in the columns.

    the Vehicle Selection columns.

    Vehicles are valid when the Engine is selected.

  3. Double-click on the engine or click Next.
  4. The categories for that vehicle appear on the Catalog tab.

    The categories columns with the selected vehicle in the status bar.

    NOTE: The categories that appear on this window are determined by the Standard Categories setting on the Options tab of Smart eCat Configuration.

  5. Click a category in the Categories column.
  6. Double-click a part in the Parts column to search for it.
  7. The search results appear.

To Select Another Vehicle

To select another vehicle, click the Vehicle toolbar button The vehicle button in the toolbar.. The Vehicle Selection columns appear.

To See VIN Information

To see VIN information for the selected vehicle, click the VIN button The VIN button in the toolbar.. The VIN Information window from Epicor appears.

The VIN Information window from Epicor.

Specific Condition Questions

Sometimes Epicor prompts you to answer additional questions about the vehicle. These answers help Epicor (and therefore Smart eCat) determine the correct parts and labor for the vehicle.

Answers to the Specific Condition Questions are saved to the Epicor Tab of the vehicle record. When the answers are saved to the vehicle record, you are not prompted to answer them again.