Address Book

The Address Book displays various records stored in your database, including:

You can search for these records and review the details in a list; however, you cannot edit the information.

To open, click the Address Book button in the Quick Launch The Address Book icon in the Quick Launch..

The Address Book window.

Searching for Records

The Search For field is a text search field.

Search Categories

Select a category from the dropdown list to narrow the search.

The dropdown list on the Address Book window.

TIP: In Configuration, you can select the category that displays by default when you first open Address Book.

Search Results for Each Category

The following table describes the search result columns for each category.
Item Displays the…


Customer's name, address, phone, and email information.


Technician's name, address, phone, and email information.


Employee's name, address, phone, and email information.


Supplier's name, address, phone, email, and supplier account information.

Charge Account Customers

The same information as the Customer list; however, this list includes only the customers who have an open charge account in Accounts Receivable.

To Adjust the Column Width

You can adjust the column width of each column. Move the mouse pointer to any line dividing the columns in the table header row. The pointer will change from an arrow to a double-sided arrow.

The double-sided arrow that appears when you hover on a column dividing line in the table header row.

Click and hold the left mouse button and drag the border in the desired direction to increase or decrease the field width.