Returned Parts Report

The Returned Parts Report prints a list of parts marked as returned using the Part Returns feature.

Report Criteria

You can select the following report criteria:

You are required to enter a date range after you click the Print button.

The date range window for reports.

Report Sample

The Returned Parts Report is grouped and sub-totaled by supplier. Each row is a part returned to that supplier.

The Returned Parts Report.

Report Information

The following table describes the column on the Returned Parts Report.
Column Description
Supplier Name Supplier’s name
Part Number Part number
Line Line code of the part
Description Part description
RO Number Repair order number
RO Status Open, Closed, or Voided
Source Stock, Non-Stock, or Consigned
Quantity Quantity returned
Cost Part cost
Core Core cost
Total (Quantity * Cost) + (Quantity * Core)
Received Date Date part was returned
Returned Date Date part was returned to the supplier.
Return Number Returned number; blank until the part is returned to the supplier.
AP Date Date the AP credit invoice was posted. This will be blank until the part is returned and an AP invoice is posted.
AP Invoice # The Accounts Payable Invoice Number when the part was returned.
AP PO Number The PO Number entered on the AP Invoice.