You can take payments on repair orders (not quotes, estimates, or work orders) in two ways: 

You can take multiple advanced payments and final payments; however, you cannot finalize the repair order until the Balance Due is $0.00.

R.O. Writer Payment Windows

The payment windows for advanced payments and finalize payments are slightly different based on the type of payment.

On both the Advance Payment and final payment windows,

Advance Payment Window

You start an advanced payment on the Calculations tab of the repair order. The Advance Payment window features an Advance Payment at the top of the window you can use to log and track advanced payments.

The top of the Advanced Payment window.

Finalize Payment Window

The finalize payment window appears when you finalize a repair order.

The top of the finalize payment window.

Choosing a Payment Method

The Payment Type buttons appear on all payment windows. You choose the payment method by clicking the corresponding payment button.

NOTE: All payment methods are tracked and reported on Sales Reports.

Main Payment Buttons

Payment method buttons on the finalize window.

The following table describes the main payment buttons.

Payment Button



Click to process cash payments.


Click to key in paper check information processed by a system outside R.O. Writer.

If you are using the Merchant Partners First Mile Middleware, click the Check button to access the E Check button, which allows you to process paper checks electronically.


Click to process credit and debit card payments electronically.

This button appears only if one of the following electronic payment software systems is integrated with your installation of R.O. Writer:

Other Credit Cards

Click to key in credit card information processed by an external payment processing system.

Additional Options for Credit and Debit Card Payments

R.O. Writer can be configured to do the following during finalize:

Accounts Receivable Payment Buttons

If you use the Accounts Receivable module, additional payment buttons appear on the Finalize payment window.

The following table describes the Accounts Receivable payment buttons.

Payment Button


Charge to AR Account

Click to charge to this customer’s account.

This button only appears if the customer has an open account in Accounts Receivable.

Charge to Third Party

Click to charge to another customer’s account in Accounts Receivable.

This button always appears.

One Time Charge

Click to charge an amount to Accounts Receivable without creating an account for this customer.

This button appears only if the customer does not have a customer account in Accounts Receivable.

Fleet Payment Buttons

Fleet repair orders do not include the standard or Accounts Receivable payment buttons. Instead, the payment buttons are restricted to the fleet type.

For more information, click the following link: Finalizing Fleet Repair Orders.

Payments Made

After a payment is made, the details appear in the Payments section at the bottom of the window.

The Payments section with a cash payment.

The topics in this section include: