Sales Reports

Reporting module > Sales Reports toolbar button The Sales Reports toolbar button..

The Sales Reports window showing all sales reports and report criteria.

The video below provides an overview of this functionality (in R.O. Writer 1.31).

Running Reports

Complete these steps:

  1. When the Sales Reports window is open, select the report you want to run in the list.
  2. Choose the Sales Report Criteria in the right column.

The Sales Reports window showing all sales reports and the report criteria circled.

  1. Click the Print button to run the report. The Print Preview window opens.
  2. Print to the screen or a physical printer nearby.

Sales Report Criteria

Enter the following to retrieve the desired data for the report.

The following table describes available criteria for sales reports.



Date Range

Specify a date range for each report (except for the Committed Parts Report).


  • Profit Center - Repair orders assigned to a specific profit center.
  • Service Writer - Repair orders assigned to a specific service writer.

Labor Categories

When you select one of these reports, click the Select All button under Labor Categories to see the available labor categories. Check and uncheck the boxes to choose the categories for the report.

The following reports can be filtered by Labor Categories:

Group by Tax ID

This option applies only to the R.O. Sales Ledger.

When multiple tax IDs are configured, this report groups repair orders by Tax ID.

Include Charges on Labor Reports

When this option is checked, charge amounts are included on the

When this option is unchecked, the Charge, Package Discounts, Coupon, Total, and % columns show 0.00.

Sales Report Options

Click the Sales Report Options button to select options for the following reports:

You can select whether or not you want to include Package Discounts, Coupons, and Fleet Discounts on those reports.

The Sales Reports window with the Sales Report Options window over it.

You can also choose the label on the Summary Report that appears in the Breakout section.

Running Batch Reports

You can also print several reports at once by clicking the Batch button. The list of reports appears. The Batch button is disabled.

The list of batch reports.

Uncheck the box of the report to exclude it from the batch run.

When all reports are selected,

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