Smart eCat, Smart eJobs, and Smart eOrder

Smart eCat, Smart eJobs, and Smart eOrder all work together to integrate parts and labor lookup with ordering and posting to open tickets.

Smart eCat

R.O. Writer has built direct integrations with the most popular and in-demand parts catalogs out there today. As a result, you can access and search your suppliers and post and order parts without ever leaving R.O. Writer.

Smart eCat provides you with powerful tools where you can

Smart eCat is fully integrated with Epicor. For important details about the Epicor integration so crucial to Smart eCat, click the following link: Epicor Integration.

Smart eJobs

Smart eJobs are Smart Jobs you can configure to take full advantage of Smart eCat integrated searches. Smart eJobs are available on the Smart eJob tab in Smart eCat.

The Smart eJob tab with a smart job selected.

Smart eOrder

Smart eOrder enables you to order the parts from your configured suppliers.

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