Catalog Options

Configuration menu > Repair Order > Catalog Options

The Catalog Options window opens.

The Catalog Options window.

These options control how labor and parts are posted from Smart eCat, Smart eJob, Epicor, or the other Catalogs your system may be integrated with.

Use Skill Level When Posting from Catalog

When this option is selected, the labor rate posted will use the labor rate that corresponds with the skill level displayed in Epicor. When this option is not selected the labor rate posted will always be Skill Level A as shown on the LaserCat window below.

The LaserCat window with the Skill column circled.

The Labor Rate associated with each skill level are set in the Labor Rates Configuration setting.

The Labor Rates configuration window.

Don't Show Posting Options Screen

When posting labor and parts from Epicor, ACDelco, or Nexpart to an open ticket from eOrder, the posting options window appears by default.

The Post Parts to Invoice window.

If you check the Don’t Show Posting Options Screen box, the posting options window does not appear when posting parts and labor from Epicor, ACDelco, and Nexpart from eOrder.

This option

For more information, click the following link: Purchase Order Transfer & Other Parts Options.

Exact Line Code, Part Number Lookup

Check Exact Line Code to make sure that parts are matched based on both line code and part number.

R.O. Writer recommends keeping this box checked for all supplier searches.

Parts that are very different can often have the same part number. The way to make sure the catalog lookup searches for the correct part is to make sure that the part number/line code combination is searched.

If left unchecked, the catalog searches only by part number and ignores the line code. As a result, a search for spark plugs could return spark plugs, wiper blades, and tires if those parts have the same part number but different line codes.

External Price Lock Settings

There are two settings that enable external price locking for outside purchases.

The Catalog Options set for external price locking.

NOTE: The Enable Parts Price Lock and Enable Labor Price Lock options are disabled in Catalog Options if Parts Pricing Method for Outside Purchases is set to department or associated labor.

For more information, click Configuring External Price Locking.

Epicor Options

The Epicor options affect labor and part searches that use Epicor information.

Use Smart eJob

The Use Smart eJob box is active only if you are licensed and configured for Epicor.

Check to

Use <Line Code>-<Part Number> in Lookups

Check this box to post parts with the Epicor description formatting the part number with the line code and a dash before the part number.

WARNING! This option is not recommended when using eOrder or Smart eCat because it disables Smart Pricing.

Transfer Core Charge When Posting

Check this box to transfer core charges from Epicor when posting parts to open ticket. If the core charges are available from Epicor, those charges are posted. The only reason core charges would not post is if the core charges are not available from Epicor.

Use User Line Code When Posting from Catalog

Check this box to transfer the supplier line code and not the Epicor line code required for eOrder.

Use Only the Width, Aspect, and Rim for Tire Size When Posting from Catalog

This option is used in Tire Quote when searching Epicor for Tire Fitment information. Before checking this box, review how your tire parts are configured in Inventory for the tire size. For example, how is the tire size entered in the Alternate # field?

When checked, the size posted from Epicor appears as follows: "1956515". When not checked, the size posted from Epicor appears as follows: "195/65R 15-91H".

Use Category/Operation Code for Service Intervals

Check this box to use the selected category and/or operation when posting Service Intervals from Epicor.

Remote Server Name

Enter only the server name that contains the Epicor catalog data. This option is normally set for you when Smart eCat is installed, but if issues arise when reading the Epicor catalog data, you can enter the name here.